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Shelley Zentner

Shelley is a fine artist and primarily works with oil painting as her medium. Her work is driven by a love of the human figure, philosophy, psychology, history and art history.

Barbie Crawford

Barbie is a photographer and enjoys macro photography. She enjoys capturing elements of nature with unusual shapes and textures. Most of her photographic stories are told in black and white. 

John Bollaert

John is a graphic designer with a focus on brand identity, a photographer, writer and entrepreneur. He believes in simplicity and is inspired by nature, international travel, science and anthropology. 


Neta Simkovich

Neta gets her inspiration from her love for animals and all innocent living beings that share the planet with us. Her favorite medium is charcoal and she often paints in watercolors and oil and sculpts her ideas into a tangible art in hopes to inspire people to make a change together.

Daphne Osell

Daphne is an artist who draws inspiration from the natural world. She embraces both the beautiful and the sublime, courting light and shadow, while she explores climate change, social/political issues, and what it means to be human in this time and space.

Kim Wyatt & Steve Robison

T A H O E   L E T T E R P R E S S
We are fans of democracy and ink. We are radical craftspeople. Tahoe Letterpress enjoys participating in dialogue with other artists in our community, and our means of communication is letterpress printing. Activists have long used posters to communicate important ideas that change the social and political landscape, and that is our goal. 

Eleanor BonBon

Eleanor BonBon's work illustrates the curiosity of coming of age in a dysfunctional society.  She paints literal translations of commonly used language. Puns, colloquialisms, & phonetics are abundant themes in her works. BonBon's studio, Tattoo BonBon is located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe in the Swiss Chalet Village.

Annie Davidson

Annie Davidson is a Jill of all trades but she loves to make music most of all. She learned to sing from her mother, learned to play guitar on her dad's little Martin, and has performed from Maine to New York to California. She sings with TOCCATA, a local classical orchestra and chorus. Otherwise, she works a "real" job, teaches at LTCC, and loves her two girls who are both musicians in their own right. Miri (8) plays violin, guitar, and sings. Addie plays piano, violin, and sings. 

Guy Gilmore

Guy is a ceramic artist and provides imaginative perspective and observation to potentially politically charged topics. 

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